Monica Lynn Sadler
Founder, Designer & CEO

Born in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania on May 24 at 4:37A.M., Monica Lynn Sadler is the firstborn and first female grandchild in her family. As a descendant of Blackfoot and Cherokee Indians, Englishmen, Irishmen, Blacks, French Canadians, and Mexicans, she takes immense pride in her multicultural ethnicity.

On August 2, 2019, she married Todd Sadler. Together, they have a beautifully blended family of eight adult children: Michael (and his wife, Megan), Jasmine (and her husband, Brandon), Bryan, Honor, Serenity, and Tameka. Her husband’s unconditional love and support keeps the brand progressing.

She is instinctively creative.
The precursor to her creativity is conceptualization.
Out of this conceptualization came the inspiration for the brand.

Monica began this venture as the result of a passion . . . the love of an artform. She is a master artisan. She inherited her skillset from her mother. She has honed her skills over the years and mastered them. She uses her experienced hands to design and create — one stitch at a time — using the finest sustainable materials and professional tools. And yet, she is always researching to further perfect her craft. She gains satisfaction with each innovative design brought to life through style, elegance, and precision.

The brand is dedicated to the most influential woman in her life: Marian Chauncey Moore, her beloved Nana. The consummate lady full of grace, femininity, and encouragement, Nana left an indelible impression on Monica. "I have always aspired to be like Nana. So, in continuing the incomparable legacy left for me, I hope to inspire others to love unconditionally, support without limits, and leave a memorable legacy for their loved ones," says Monica.

In honor of Lady Marian, each of these creations has been designed as she lived . . . with pure love.


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