The Lady



Monica Lynn Sadler
Founder, Designer & CEO

She is instinctually creative. The precursor to her creativity is conceptualization. Out of this conceptualization came the inspiration for the brand [Monica Lynn].

Pattern, texture, color, and softness are the conceptual backbone of her line. She utilizes mohair, silk, alpaca, Swarovski crystals, natural shells and more in her modern hand-crocheted designs. The goal? To appeal to your sense of sight and touch with eye-catching design.

The brand [Monica Lynn] is dedicated to the most influential woman in her life, Marian Chauncey Moore [her beloved Nana]. To say that her Nana was the consummate lady, full of grace, femininity and encouragement, is a veritable understatement. "I have always aspired to be like Nana. In continuing the incomparable legacy she left for me, I hope to inspire others to leave a memorable legacy for their loved ones.", says Monica.

In honor of Lady Marian, each of these creations has been designed as she lived...always a lady.