Luxury textiles. Natural fibers. Opulent softness. Master artistry. Exquisite texture. Intriguing pattern. The compilation of these elements is the mainstay throughout our brand. The goal? To appeal to your sense of sight and touch with eye-catching design.

Each design is meticulously handcrafted by a skilled artisan in our New Jersey studio. Within these walls, creativity is encouraged, attention to detail is key, and the finish work is as important as the design itself.

Resort wear collections debut throughout the year and include a variety of beachwear – robes, dresses, tops, skirts, and coverups. Lightweight sweaters, [cropped and classic] are perfect for an evening stroll by the water. Coordinating accessories include sarongs, headwear, summer scarves, accent pins and bags.

As a brand, we have challenged ourselves to do our best to protect and care for this beautiful world that God has given us. From product creation to packaging, we are committed to being sustainable by utilizing natural, renewable, and eco-responsible materials wherever possible.

We prioritize incorporating natural fibers into our designs, such as mohair, silk, alpaca, merino wool, cotton, lyocell, bamboo, linen, flax, and recycled materials. Our orders are intentionally minimalist, packages do not include polybags, fillers, or promotional materials.

Each piece is crafted by a skilled artisan upon receipt of your order rather than mass produced. This reduces waste and potential surplus that often ends up in landfills leading to environmental damage. Sustainability is fundamental to our brand.

In a world where so much is automated, the expertise of handcraftsmanship is rare. An artisan that has inherited a craft, studied, and honed their skills over the years, and mastered it. The use of one’s hands to create a product using the finest materials and professional tools, one stitch at a time. Such is the ability of our Founder, Monica Lynn Sadler, who inherited her skillset from her mother. A true artisan never considers themselves a master, conversely, they are always researching and perfecting their craft.

Monica Lynn Sadler is the result of a passion...the love of an artform, and the satisfaction it brings to see a design brought to life with style and elegance. Our vision is to enhance the artistry of modern crochet with enduring fashions, combining traditional and modern techniques.


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