Expression Fiber Arts Collaboration


Tending the rock garden full of dark, almost black soil, my mother and I planted many flowers, each one with its own vibrant, breathtaking hue. The warm, bright rays of the sun enhanced their colors as they sway in the gentle breeze. This floral shawl design awakens these childhood memories.

The silky softness of the Pearlescent yarn as it glides through my fingers, reminds me of the softness of the flower petals I touched when my mother was not looking. The openĀ Lily floral pattern uses a simple, yet elegant, patterned combination of chain, single, and treble crochet stitches. The trio of colorful, gradient hues are separated and grounded by parallel rows of treble crochet that is reminiscent of the stems of each flower.

#gardenofmemories #moderncrochet