"Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds."
~Coco Chanel

Fashion and beauty are a powerful alliance. The same is to be said for the newfound collaboration between fashion brand, Monica Lynn Sadler and beauty brand, Pink & Brown Company.

Sisters by marriage, the founders of each company have closely aligned business concepts, each brand complementing the other in its uniqueness, vision, and sustainability practices. Their company branding and creativity are separate, yet harmonious. To date, there has not been a fashion x beauty collaboration such as this. This alliance is filled with boldness, artistry, and style.


Monica Lynn Sadler is the result of a passion, the love of an artform, and the satisfaction it brings to see a design brought to life with style and elegance. “Our vision is to enhance the artistry of modern crochet with enduring fashions, combining traditional and modern techniques”, says Founder, Master Artisan and Designer, Monica Sadler.

Pink & Brown Company is the embodiment of clean beauty derived by the power of organic botanicals. It is the quintessence of intentional multicultural skincare. “Our vision is beyond skin color. It is about a woman’s confidence and the power of natural beauty”, says Founder, Skincare Artisan and Indie Beauty Entrepreneur, Lisa Zachary.


A master artisan in her own right, Monica Lynn Sadler inherited her skillset from her mother. She has honed her skills over the years and mastered them, using her experienced hands to design and create — one stitch at a time — using the finest sustainable materials and professional tools. And yet, she is always researching to further perfect her craft. She gains satisfaction with each innovative design brought to life through style, elegance, and precision.

Designed to complement the Pink & Brown Company brand with an edgy vibe, you will find the modern crochet pieces trendsetting, sassy, and sexy. This ongoing collaboration will reveal new looks and budding collections throughout the year.  Her designs will include a variety of resort and winter wear featuring current looks for the fashion-forward millennial.


Filled with a purpose, Lisa Zachary has always been driven to succeed. Her passion is beauty and wellness of the mind, body, and soul. Her mission is to help people achieve and reside in optimal wellness.

Educated in skincare treatment, organic skincare, and nutrition for skin, she believes in the conscious beauty initiative, embracing the power of simple botanical skincare. In a determined effort to achieve this goal, she has made it her business to share her knowledge with the masses. To that end, she is constantly studying, researching, and gleaning the latest information.


Both brands have challenged themselves to do their best to protect and care for this beautiful world that God has given us. From product creation to packaging, each is committed to being sustainable by utilizing natural, renewable, and eco-responsible materials wherever possible.

Monica Lynn Sadler prioritizes incorporating natural fibers into the designs, such as mohair, silk, alpaca, merino wool, cotton, lyocell, bamboo, linen, flax and more. Her orders are intentionally minimalist, and packages do not include polybags, fillers, or promotional materials.

Similarly, Pink & Brown Company is committed to clean, global beauty. They use organic, wildcrafted and fair-trade ingredients formulated without animal testing, parabens, dyes, or harsh chemicals. All botanicals are selected for freshness, purity of source, quality, and potency.

As time progresses, the creativity behind the scenes will continuously show its distinctiveness. Stay tuned. The collaboration of Monica Lynn Sadler x Pink & Brown Company is one to watch.

Crystal Lace Mermaid Dress

The flounce hemline features mini fan-like stitches throughout.

Low-cut, drop waist design. Satin buttons align down the back.

132 crystals have been hand sewn onto the lacey mid-section.

Sassy Midriff Top & Sexy Mini Skirt

Delicate chains are the theme throughout this design.

Wide contrasting chains accentuate the left side of the mini skirt.

Cap sleeves and a scalloped hemline beautify the midriff top.

Cross Cutout Mini Dress

5" crosses accent the front and back of the bodice. A 7" cross adorns the hood.

A blend of baby alpaca and silk make this two-tone design amazingly soft.

Oversized, low cut teardrop openings accentuate the waist.

Sporty Hooded Crop Top & Midi Skirt

Made of luxurious pima cotton, this set features an airy, mesh-like fabric.

Generous 2" stripes are tastefully featured throughout the design.

An oversized hood adds to the sportiness of the crop top.


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