The Versatility of Modern Crochet

Modern crochet is an amazing art form. There are beginners, and there are masters. Although it can be basic, it can also be extremely complicated, requiring immense expertise. It can be made to look like knit, lace, fabric and more. As in other art forms, the mixture of textile, color, and texture has proven to create uniquely beautiful clothing, accessories, and even home décor. Crochet is incredibly versatile.

Gone are the days where only Nana is seen crocheting. It is now popular among all age groups, men, and women alike, and can be seen everywhere. You may see someone casually crocheting on a park bench, or in a local yarn store with a group of fellow artisans. Each of those people views this art form differently. It may be design for some, relaxation for others, or may be seen as simply artistry (fun or otherwise).

The core of crochet is handcraftsmanship at its finest -- the textile flowing through the fingers of the artisan, creating stitches which become designs that can be worn by your neighbor or crafted into haute couture gracing the worldwide runways. Irrespective, modern crochet is truly art.

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