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Water Intake

About 60% of the body is water, and we all know that hydration is vitally essential. But how much should we drink?

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Fighting Back

After having a reconstructive mastectomy, it was clear I needed to make some lifestyle changes. My energy was low and I was always tired. Yes, I realize double major surgery [requiring 10 weeks of recovery], naturally made me tired. But it was important to me to begin making lifestyle changes so that I could live a long, healthy life, post-recovery.

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The Value of Health

At 28, I was married with a 3-year-old and 6-month-old twins [all girls]. Fit, trim, and full of life, I played volleyball, enjoyed biweekly kickboxing classes, and leg pressed 200 pounds. My health was not an issue in the least, nor, in retrospect, did I truly value my health. The world was my oyster. Or so I thought.

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