Where Everything Begins

It's morning. I walk into my office and regardless of the weather outside, I smile. The palette of colors envelops me, and I am inspired to create.

The crisp white walls lead to a sunny yellow accent wall. A watercolor Chanel and large Prada picture remind me of the respected designers that have paved the road before me.

My topnotch fiber arts tools are placed strategically around the space awaiting my creativity. Textiles in a plethora of colors and textures beckon my attention from behind the glass doors that protect them. Even the cobalt blue dress form stands at attention ready to wear the next fashion.

Then there are the personal items that warm the space. Pink boxing gloves that remind me I have survived two bouts of breast cancer. A handblown egg in varied shades of sea blue and shimmering gold sits atop the middle shelf. A lovely little teacup inherited from Nana reminds me of her encouraging words, "You can do anything you put your mind to, Precious". And the Fearless, Paris, and Dream home decor signs keep me confident and encouraged.

As I sit at my desk ready to begin my day, I glance at my vision board and am reminded of my goals both personally and professionally. Within these walls, I am inspired to do what I love. I design. I create. 

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