Three 2019 Weddings

Who doesn't love a wedding? Two people in love making a commitment one to another. Vowing before friends, family, and God to love, honor and cherish one another. For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, 'til death do them part. Well, there were three weddings in 2019 and they were all in the family.

April 15, 2019
Jasmine + Brandon Miller

Mrs. Brandon MillerMr. & Mrs. Brandon MillerBrandon + Jasmine Miller's wedding cake

It was a beautiful day in New Jersey when our eldest daughter, Jasmine, celebrated her marriage to Brandon. The tables were dressed in a deep shade of plum. Center focal points of long stem, blooming white hydrangea and tealights embellished the circular tables. Jasmine was absolutely beautiful and took our breath away in her strapless white gown. Music filled the air, and we danced the night away in celebration.

We are thankful to have Brandon a part of our family. He is a warm, thoughtful, caring man who has displayed his unconditional love for Jasmine many times over. We have gained an amazing son whom we love.

June 21, 2019
Mike + Megan Sadler

Mrs. Megan SadlerMr. & Mrs. Michael SadlerMike + Megan Sadler's wedding cake

Mike is the eldest of our children. The wedding and reception were held in sunny California where Mike + Megan met and reside. Elegant black linens draped the elongated tables. Contrasting mixed white floral bouquets, candles and handwritten notes from the couple adorned each table. A fire dancer, DJ and photo booth filled the evening with entertainment. Megan was stunning in her beaded gown.

A wonderful addition to the family, Megan is sweet and giving, always offering a helping hand. It is noticeably clear that Mike + Megan are in love. Mike has gained a wife. We love her and are blessed to have gained a beautiful daughter. 

August 2, 2019
Todd + Monica Sadler

Mr. & Mrs. Todd SadlerBouquet from Tom and Lisa Zachary

Todd and I met on June 1, 2019 and had a whirlwind romance. We spoke multiple times a day, spent every free moment together and six weeks later, he proposed. We married at the local courthouse with a few friends and family, celebrating afterwards with a small dinner. The beautiful flower arrangement was from my sister and brother-in-law, delivered the morning of our wedding. 

If someone had told me six months prior to my marriage that I would have a fairytale ending, I would not have believed them. Reality is that I am tremendously blessed, and I do not take it for granted. Here we are eighteen months later, and we are still as happy as the day we met. Todd is my best friend, my confidante and so much more. He really is the best husband ever.

Three weddings, each two months apart. Each couple undoubtedly remains in love. Thank you, Lord.

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