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Prior to cancer, I was not very big on taking vitamins. Honestly, I thought they were a waste of time and money. But, now that I am immuno-compromised, I view things very differently. 

There are so many multivitamins on the market that I had absolutely no idea where to begin. But I knew I wanted the best I could get to support a healthy immune system. So, when my sister, Lisa, told me about NutraBurst, I was ecstatic!

Total Life Changes - NutraBurst Family 4 Pack

NutraBurst is an amazing product with tremendous benefits. It has 72 minerals, 10 vitamins, 22 phytonutrients, 19 amino acids, 13 whole vegetables, and 12 herbs, all packed into one easy-to-take liquid tablespoon. That's 148 reasons to try it with FREE SHIPPING. Reason 149? It *exceeds the daily recommended balance of multivitamins, *has 19 amino acids that promote general health, and comes in several size options:

Total Life Changes - NutraBurst Trial Size 3.4oz

I love the citrusy taste, the simplicity of its liquid form, and the fact that you only need to take 1 tablespoon daily. Personally, I just drink a capful as part of my morning routine. Of course, mine doesn't last 30 days, but that's ok. I am happy to get much more than the daily requirements that my body needs.

The daily intake of these nutrients really has made a difference in how I feel. In conjunction with NRG and healthy eating, I have more energy. I highly recommend this because I have personally experienced its benefits.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product supports a healthy lifestyle. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary based on diet and exercise. We cannot and do not guarantee that you will attain a specific or particular result, and you accept the risk that results differ for each individual. Health, fitness, and nutrition success depends on each individual’s background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Always consult your healthcare professional before consuming any dietary supplement.


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