My Baby Boy, Saint

I absolutely love Shih Tzu. They're compact, sweet, easy to train, and don't shed. So, the day Todd asked me if I wanted one, I didn't hesitate. Yes! My sweet husband had already begun searching and was going to surprise me but decided I should pick out the puppy I wanted. I could hardly wait!

My daughter, Jasmine had also been searching for a puppy and found one she immediately fell in love with. In helping her through the process, she mentioned that the breeder, Emily Clark of Sugar Pie Shih Tzu had a litter of chocolates that were available. Well, one thing led to another and on October 3, 2019, we took a day trip and picked up the newest Sadler. How could I resist with that little face?

Born August 5, 2019, Saint is always happy, loves to cuddle, gives lots of kisses and is very smart. He is beautifully marked with a rich milk chocolate outer coat, blonde undercoat, dobie markings and the most beautiful green eyes. Finally, after months and months of searching, I have my baby boy, Saint. I wouldn't trade him for the world.

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Saint "the Shih Tzu" SadlerSaint "the Shih Tzu" SadlerSaint "the Shih Tzu" Sadler
P.S. A few progressive pics of Saint. The last pic is the most recent (after being groomed on 01/14/2021).


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