Hope and Strength

Hope is something we all do. We hope it doesn't rain. We hope we get the job. We hope our families remain healthy. But do you know that there is a hope that is dependable? OK. So, you may think that's not possible. But it is.

The type of hope I'm referring to is hope in God. It's a trust, faith in Him, a knowledge that He will come through for you. God is loving and kind and wants you to call on Him so He can meet your needs. The truth is that God is ALWAYS thinking of and watching over you.

Have you ever almost had an accident? Once you collect yourself, catch your breath and put your heart back in your chest, you probably wondered how in the world you escaped by the skin of your teeth. Well...I can assure you that God spared you. When I tell you He is ALWAYS thinking of you, I'm not kidding. Don't believe me? Have a little faith. Just like you trust that that the air you breathe will keep you alive, trust that God has you on His mind.

The next time your life is spared or something inexplicable happens, remember this post and know that you are loved by the very God who breathed life into you. If you hope in the Lord, He will strengthen you. It's a simple concept that requires faith on your part. 

Trust Him. He's a good God!

P.S. If you need prayer, contact me. I'm here for you.

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