Fighting Back

After having a reconstructive mastectomy, it was clear I needed to make some lifestyle changes. My energy was low, and I was always tired. Yes, I realize double major surgery [requiring 10 weeks of recovery], naturally made me tired. But it was important to me to begin making lifestyle changes so that I could live a long, healthy life, post-recovery.

First things first. I knew I was not drinking enough water and that had to change immediately. Water has a massive impact on the body, but I did not realize how much of an impact. We all know that drinking water can prevent hydration, but did you know that dehydration can lead to unclear thinking, mood changes, constipation, and kidney stones? Dehydration can also cause the body to overheat. Knowledge is power.

The next priority for me was improving my energy level. I had to do some research to ensure I took the best course of action to improve how I was feeling. I certainly didn't want to waste time or money on taking products that were not beneficial to my system. When I found Total Life Changes, I was hesitant, but hopeful. Now, I take NutraBurst (a liquid multivitamin) and NRG (an energy supplement) daily. I also detox 5x a week with Iaso® Tea. I will delve into each of these products, their benefits and how they have personally affected my health later, but the difference in how I feel is amazing!

As they say, you have to start somewhere. I am so glad to be back on track to a healthy life. I'm fighting back!

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