Design Inspiration

in·spi·ra·tion | inspəˈrāSH(ə)n | noun

• a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea.

Middle English (in the sense ‘divine guidance’): via Old French from late Latin inspiratio(n- ), from the verb inspirare (see inspire)

Oxford Languages

Color. Nature. Texture. Art. So many things can inspire me to create an innovative design. Inspiration usually comes when I least expect it. Swarovski Crystals, a hank of yarn, a tv commercial, a picture, seashells, etc. 

My creativity comes from within and has a mind of its own. I never know when that moment will occur. It's usually an "aha" moment. A vision that begins in my mind's eye. I then put it to paper and begin to map it out.

fashion design

There are a million little details involved in a finished design. Textures, colors, yarn weight and type, am I making a complete collection or a stand-alone piece? It takes time, but I always know when the design is finished. From there, it's simply a matter of putting it all together.

Designing allows me to explore and create. The beauty of design is the ability to create and anything one chooses. There are no rules. Just be inspired. Design inspiration is everywhere.

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