I think I got this beautiful graphic from one of my Pastors, but I was unable to find it. Nonetheless, I want to credit the amazing Shameka Daniels and encourage you to visit her IG page @shamekaldaniels.

Breathe. Such a powerful word. Please know that I write this with the highest respect this magnanimous word is due.

Everyone has been through something. And so many are going through something even now. My daddy used to say, "You don't know what the person next to you is going through". Understanding the strength of that statement took me some time and meditation.

When I feel like whatever I am going through is more than I can bear, I reflect on how far I have come and how God has been so faithful to me in the midst of it all. Then I think about the many men, women and children that are currently going through more difficult things than I. It is then that I refocus, become grateful and appreciative, remembering that I am blessed.

This is just a chapter,
not your whole story.

Hold on. Pray. And remember that this is not your whole story.

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