Beautifully Blended Family

mi familia

As I mentioned in my last blog, Todd and I married in August 2019. Between us we have eight adult children – Michael [and his wife, Megan], Jasmine [and her husband, Brandon], Bryan, Honor, Serenity and Tameka. 

This picture [left] was taken in November 2019 when we celebrated Todd’s birthday. We were missing our sweet, Tameka, who had graduated from UCLA just a few months prior. Her pic is below. Isn't she pretty? 

sweet Tameka

Todd and I are both strong believers in family first. We love and support our children equally. Since our family is split between the East Coast and West Coast, we are unable to get together as often as we would like, so I cherish the time we are able to spend together. It is guaranteed to always be filled with food, fun and laughter. I love my multicultural, beautifully blended family.

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