Beautiful Textiles

tex·tile | ˈtekˌstīl | noun

• a type of cloth or woven fabric.

early 17th century: from Latin textilis, from text- ‘woven’, from the verb texere

Oxford Languages

Regardless of the craft, the basis of any design is beautiful textiles. As they say, "it's all in the details".

Before I create a modern crochet textile, there are several things I take into consideration – stitch, color, texture, accent(s), drape, and fit. High quality, sustainable materials suitable for the design are sourced. From there, the design begins to take form. Sometimes it comes together inherently and flows flawlessly. Sometimes several changes are required to achieve the desired result. 

Design is a process that takes time. Although deadlines are always looming, it is imperative that every detail be attended to. In the end, the time spent is well worth the final outcome.

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