A Grateful Heart

She starts each day with a grateful heart

Everything in my office has its purpose. As I mentioned in my post, Where Everything Begins, I have personal things that warm the space. This statement picture not only warms the space, it warms my heart. Why? Because I have so many reasons to be grateful. Let me explain.

As a young girl, I had endometriosis. My gynecologist told me that I would not be able to have children. God saw fit to bless me with the ability to bear not one, but three children. The kicker? I bore a set of twins! Two bouts of cancer, but I am still here. I raised three children on an extremely small salary, yet they are in banking, social work, and nursing. I was unemployed and started a business. No longer single, but happily married with six children. I could go on and on.

Have I had trials in my life? Absolutely. More than I care to admit to. I choose not to focus on what I went through; I choose to focus on the fact that God brought me out. I am scarred, but I am beautiful. Not physical beauty. Beauty that enables me to help others who are hurting. Beauty from ashes. 

With all that goes on in life, I always want to remain focused, vigilant, and never forget to be grateful. 

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